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List of Top Transport Management Solution Companies

3 min readMar 20, 2020

As the world’s transportation networks become increasingly sophisticated and intertwined, the systems that support them are advancing and improving at an equivalent break-neck speed. Across the board, software vendors are integrating more transportation optimization capabilities into their solutions, making it easier for shippers to streamline their supply chains while also making them longer and cost-efficient. Over the previous couple of years, for instance , an increasing number of enterprise resource planning vendors have jumped into the transportation game.

Real-time visibility solutions are set to erupt. The visibility depends on integration to truck carrier’s systems. In turn, the carriers are tracking the ELD devices on their trucks by a downloadable app that the driving force puts on his smartphone. There are diverse external data streams that play a task also in providing better visibility and ETAs. Real-time visibility solutions are elevating the prospect that machine learning are often wont to enhance ETAs. apart from improved ETAs, machine learning plays an important role in other areas of transportation management. Shippers can learn which carriers meet on-time service levels and which don’t , which lanes typically carry more chance for delays, and whether there’s an optimal number of stops before shipments become late. Machine learning can aid shippers during a better understanding of the way to drive efficiencies without sacrificing service levels.

Transport management companies should also consider the utilization of AI . AI can help them distinguish themselves from the competition, provide better service, cut costs, and enhance day-to-day operations. as an example , fleet management might be significantly improved by installing sensors inside ships, airplanes, and trucks connected to AI programs that keep track of fuel consumption and recommend methods to attenuate gas and oil usage, also as programs that suggest proactive maintenance activities before time-wasting and expensive major breakdowns occur.

One technology that holds significant potential for transport is blockchain. Often the precise location of shipments that are on the way is unclear, which makes it virtually impossible to supply guaranteed specific delivery times. Blockchain has the potential to eliminate most of the roadblocks because it can act as an encrypted digital ledger tracking the movements of products from warehouse to customer and linking documentation to the shipment directly because it proceeds to the destination. Any possible irregularities that would upset a shipment’s smooth passage would be readily visible through a blockchain logistics program, allowing companies to rectify the matter immediately. Also, blockchain could automate the method of managing customs protocols and payments to subcontractors.

To help CIOs navigate through the realm of transport management solution providers, CIOReview brings the 10 most promising transport management solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering robust solutions.

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