Top Metals and Mining Technology Companies

The mining industry is lagging way behind the remainder of the enterprise world within the modern technological universe. IT companies are working day in, and outing to assist miners thrive into the longer term by offering them solutions to assist them understand the importance of how digital technologies — AI, IoT, machine learning, automation — can capture data and influence business growth. it’s vital for the management to know the way to collect data and perform analytics, and make drastic changes in their operations management.

High commodity prices have led to overspending and increased debt, and shareholders are starting to get impatient. an element that has left metal and mining organizations face a challenge of staying in business, and trying to chop back on losses. Solution providers during this space can solicit a superior line of operations by offering these firms a fighting chance, and enabling them with top-notch system architectures. it’ll allow metal and mining companies regain the trust of their investors also as escalate their profitability through the creation of latest revenue streams.

This edition of CIOReview features the “20 Most Promising Metals and Mining Technology Solution Providers 2019” showcasing companies that have drastically changed the metal and mining landscape with their best-in-class product offerings. A team of highly qualified industry experts, CIOs, and CTOs along side the editorial team of CIOReview have assessed firms within the metal and mining tech provision space, and have shortlisted the organizations that are mitigating the challenges within the mining industry by enabling IT teams at these companies with celestial technological solutions that enhance their operations.

These technologies help companies to lower production costs, enhance worker and equipment productivity, discover new reserves, and extend the life of current mines. In this scenario, narrowing down on solutions that best fit the specific needs of a miner is often a time consuming and complex task. In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to provide the technology solutions to Mining Industry, keeping a strong focus on how they address their customer’s occupational health, safety, and environmental concerns. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIO Review editorial board has selected top players from over three hundred companies.

CIOReview’s Top Metals and Mining Technology Companies



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