Top Enterprise Application Integration Consulting/Service Companies

List of Top Enterprise Application Integration Consulting/Service Companies

While digitalization has unfurled the veil on various organizational innovations, there still lies a piece of the business population within the market fighting this influx of technology. one in every of the most significant reasons for this fallback is that the lack of integration in organizational tech. Technologies exist but are fragmented and disparate, creating it harder for purchasers and vendors to determine seamless tech-based communication. However, today’s ever-increasing data and sophisticated IT environment demand the combination of technology to keep the enterprise’s hardware system, and software applications are connected. Always bearing this in mind, service providers are leveraging data-centric integration of solutions for essential departments as supply chain, business intelligence, and human resources, to call some.

In the whirl of those events, DevOps stands together with the highlight developments in 2020, enabling organizations to follow an agile and lean approach to deliver enhanced outcomes. In addition, the system incorporates the employment of superior cloud-based applications and services, fueling the expansion of EAI software. In line with these cloud integration trends, many clients and customers are incorporating integration technology. It allows users to access both on-premise data and cloud application-based data and new systems within mercantilism.

As a mess of those applications is ready to nurture the expansion of enterprise application integration space, CIOReview has compiled a listing of the ten most promising enterprise application integration services companies in 2020. We believe it’ll help guide the organizational leaders in harnessing the technology’s ability to tackle today’s entrepreneur management and application challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies. CIOs have also penned down their insights on the package of exciting revelations happening within the domain to further substantiate the enterprise application integration transformation. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your firm must foster a technologically-driven business.

Top Enterprise Application Integration Consulting/Service Companies


With Credexo’s integration services, companies can drive the ROI on their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investments. Backed by a well-planned integration strategy for the ERP, CRM, and supply chain systems, companies can improve productivity and deliver enhanced customer experiences. Before delivering the services, Credexo takes into consideration clients’ unique needs and business processes. Subsequently, it draws a security-first roadmap that will allow clients.An enterprise IT services provider that helps companies overcome the complex IT orchestration challenges with its superior application integration services to easily integrate their systems with diverse applications, tools, and third-party solutions and services

Omni3 Partners

Omni3 sets API and microservices-based enterprise integration frameworks that organizations can scale and replicate across their branches. Omni3 has enabled several organizations, from the government, finance, and insurance sectors, to achieve the zenith of application performance and interoperability through its services and solutions. Constantly pushing the envelope of API integrations for better functioning enterprise applications and IT ecosystems, Omni3 helps companies realize the benefits of an API-first connectivity approach to integration. The company works closely with central IT teams, allowing them to manage the APIs and efficiently maintain the integrity and quality of data that flows through them

Think Source

The New Jersey based consulting and staffing company offers integration services for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid organizations with leading integration platforms such as MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, and Tibco and provides a unique delivery approach based on business outcomes, technology delivery, and organization enablement.Think Source has developed the Dell Boomi platform that serves as the most innovative solution in modern cloud integration, API management, and real-time master data management. The platform offers organizations with seamless solutions for integrating enterprise data and processes across the phases of the project lifecycle — development, consulting, support, and implementation.

Three Dimensional Resource Planning

Integrates the disciplines of advisory services, business application services, data management, and managed service, defining architectures, integrating applications, delivering solutions and support on-premises and cloud environments.Under the guidance of Scott Salomon, the founder and CEO of 3RP, the company integrates the disciplines of advisory services, business application services, data management, technology, and managed service, setting strategies, defining architectures, integrating applications, delivering solutions and support on-premises and cloud environments


Offers professional services to meet NetSuite requirements, System Integration challenges, and Nearshore IT needs.BringIT is an end to end supply chain technology firm that is helping the customer to design, implement, optimize and scale their system architecture and business processes to gain a competitive advantage. Bring IT is a proud Oracle NetsSuite, Dell Boomi, and Avalara strategic partner. We deploy a best in class system architecture enabling extended and seamlessly integrated global networks of suppliers and partners that perform at its maximum potential because the supply chain information is available to them near real-time everywhere


Specializes in providing API strategy and management, system integration, cloud and analytical services to SMBs


Helps in unifying applications, databases, and legacy systems across the enterprise. These services provide a structured business process and delivery framework to meet business-specific goals. Covalense’s application integration practice is backed by the right expertise and we have forged partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Open source forums to supplement our integration expertise

eSystems Inc.

A technology and people-centric professional services firm with experience in systems integration, IT solutions, and application support services. Founded in 1999, our roots are grounded in helping Public Sector and private organizations better serve their stakeholders — members, citizens, providers, & employers — through developing business and technology solutions that are scalable and robust

Netrovert Software

Combines machine learning, with its deep background in EAI, delivering more predictive integrations across data, applications, and business processes. A software services provider to Fortune 500 customers around the world, helping to deploy IT solutions that are specifically tailored to each individual client for over 20 years. Our primary focus is in designing comprehensive integration architectures, complex event processes, real-time business optimization, API management, hosted cloud solutions, and 24/7 managed services support. Netrovert has a proven track record in creating real-world business solutions across all major vertical markets including retail, health care, telecommunications, energy, and financial services

USmax Corporation

An Enterprise Information Technology (IT) and Professional Services firm offering complete system and process life cycle support through a full range of planning, design, implementation, management, and support services. Our services based on trust, quality, efficiency, and innovation drive the mission of our various federal and commercial customers.



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