Top Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution Companies

In a world where software is taking up the planet , data has become the new oil, and analytics is that the new engine, securing the critical infrastructure has become paramount for organizations of all sectors.

The rise in security breaches and cyber-attacks are majorly driving the expansion of the critical infrastructure protection (CIP) market. Growing demand for mobile applications, the rising popularity of e-commerce, and therefore the increasing implementation of cloud-based services for business processes are other significant factors adding fuel to the expansion of the worldwide critical infrastructure protection solutions. Besides, the strict regulations for data protection have enabled the businesses within the region to extend their infrastructure security for expanding the scope for infrastructure risk management.

To address these intricacies, CIP solutions providers are at the forefront of offering groundbreaking risk management solutions. the businesses also provide Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and Network Implementation Services to guard network infrastructure against network and application-level attacks.

With the emergence of OT, the safety of commercial control systems, and supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) systems has become imperative as these are the foremost vital infrastructure in industrial and energy sectors. Thus, the appliance of critical infrastructure protection in various industries is poised to point out upswing due to pressing the necessity for cover of sensitive national assets and deter cyber-attacks.

In this edition, we are glad to feature companies like California-based Confluera that are dedicated to delivering real-time attack interception and defense platform built to detect and stop attackers navigating infrastructure deterministically. along side that, the magazine also features Erkios Systems, IP Access International, System 1, TecSec, and Vorpal that are revolutionizing the space with their novel solutions.

Top Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution Companies


Offers an autonomous detection and response platform built to deterministically detect and stop attackers navigating through an enterprise’s infrastructure. One of the Most Promising Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution Providers, Confluera has introduced to market ConflueraIQ, a first-of-its-kind real-time Attack Interception and Defense Platform that, when deployed in a client’s infrastructure, gathers granular telemetry from various assets in the network. Through the acquired telemetry, the platform builds a contextual map of events and entities that describe the activity progression, before deterministically connecting activity chains from one machine to another. This process allows ConflueraIQ to accurately pinpoint how attacks are progressing and when a hacker is growing closer to critical assets

Erkios Systems

ERKIOS SYSTEMS provides solutions for the organization’s networking device is a vulnerability. The company was founded to bring innovation to the information security world so the data can be protected. Erkios Systems has developed a concept that will protect ports physically on a critical infrastructure device while providing auditing capabilities through the logging, monitoring, and alerting functions of the design. The product is unique from the competition because it allows for both physical and logical security while maintaining the ability to audit the access of used and unused ports on a system

IP Access International

The company is a leading provider of mobile and fixed satellite solutions with over 20 years of experience serving the satellite industry as a domestic and global provider. IP Access offers end-to-end turnkey services to the first responder community. The company operates a national satellite network with over 1,700 active sites daily. They continually expand the products and services to serve on-demand collaboration within an ever-changing critical response environment further. IP Access International has been providing reliable and fast satellite internet access to public safety agencies and business customers across the country

System 1

System 1, Inc. is a cybersecurity and critical infrastructure security consulting firm, which advises business leaders in the federal & state government and critical infrastructure sectors. The company provides strategic advice, assistance, and solutions to its public and private sector clients. System 1’s competent team comprises management and technical experts who focus on advancement and change through the prism of people, processes, and technology; providing an integrated solution tailored to each client’s unique business risk tolerance, existing organizational risk management processes, and the evolving cybersecurity risk environment


Founded in 1990, TecSec delivers comprehensive information security (InfoSec), communications security (ComSec), and information access management solutions by leveraging post-quantum resistant cryptography. The company helps organizations transition from static key ciphers like public key infrastructures (PKI) to dynamic key security systems: one-time used symmetric cryptographic keys that encrypt data for end-to-end protection. TecSec leverages the extensive subject matter know-how of Ed Scheidt, former head of cryptography for the CIA and founder of the company, to help clients meet their HSPD-12 and Real ID Act needs and objectives easily


Established in 2016, Vorpal is a company focusing on cutting-edge signal analysis products and solutions. The company has accumulated years of experience in both designing and realizing advanced signal processing and analysis solutions, with unique in-house proprietary knowledge and algorithms built on a solid base of deep literacy in relevant domains of Physics and Mathematics. Aided by vast experience in military-grade Signal Intelligence, Vorpal successfully designs and deploys advanced, highly accurate geolocation solutions. Leveraging a wide array of in-house capabilities, Vorpal builds its systems with optimal integration of hardware and software to provide best-of-breed RF-based geolocation solutions with extremely low TCO

Digital Global Systems

Digital Global Systems (DGS) Headquartered in Washington DC was formed in 2013 and specialized in the delivery of advanced, Real-Time RF Spectrum analysis and monitoring for the Defense, Transportation, Utilities, Public Safety & Telecoms markets. DGS has been awarded 30 Patents for the advancement of spectrum monitoring and RF data management, enabling the capture and analysis of wideband spectrum data at the point of intercept for applications that deliver real-time situational awareness. DGS offers both off-the-shelf solutions which address needs found across multiple verticals, as well as custom solutions that solve a specific challenge

Owl Cyber Defense

Owl Cyber Defense guides the world in data diode and cross-domain network cybersecurity. With a continuous focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets, Owl develops market-first, one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational requirements, from entry-level to enterprise. Owl supplies critical infrastructure operators with hardened, reliable data diode cybersecurity solutions to protect them from cyber threats and increase the reliability and safety of the plant, pipeline, grid, transmission system, network, or any other environment with digital controls

Telesoft Technologies

Telesoft Technologies is an autonomous global provider of Cyber Security and Government Infrastructure solutions and products. They develop, manufacture, and support systems and applications that generate revenue and keep critical infrastructure secured and protected. Their mission is to provide the customers an essential edge, working towards joint objectives, protecting and enhancing subscriber experience, improving efficiency and competitiveness, and importantly driving growth and value in all the markets in which they operate. Telesoft also provides a diverse range of cybersecurity solutions, including highly scalable network visibility tools for incident response, traffic capture, and threat detection in real-time


Zimperium is one of the industry leaders in Mobile Threat Defense with the world’s most massive deployment of mobile device sensors. Zimperium offers real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats, enabling detection and remediation of attacks on all three levels — the device, the network, and the application. Zimperium’s patented z9™ machine-learning detection engine uses artificial intelligence to power zIPS™, the world’s first mobile on-device Intrusion Prevention System app, and zIAP™, an embedded, In-App Protection SDK that delivers self-protecting iOS and Android apps as well as comprehensive app risk analysis with z3A™. Headquartered in Dallas, Zimperium is backed by major investors including Samsung, Telstra, Sierra Ventures and Warburg Pincus

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Source for information about companies. Technology-specific news, insights, analysis from the C-suite executives, industry experts, editors.

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