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As machines come closer to human capabilities, more and more organizations are incorporating the technology to reinforce their customer engagement. Conversational platforms are bringing new capabilities into customer engagement, facilitating real-time conversations by combining machine automation with human expertise. Enhanced by AI and tongue processing, the platforms are delivering value to both businesses and customers. However, when adopting new platforms, it’s vital for organizations to settle on the simplest providers with the power to assess their business needs and incorporate an efficient solution.

To assist enterprises during this task, we’ve composed this issue of CIOReview. it’s elaborately crafted to help you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance. during this edition, we’ve compiled an inventory of the 20 Most Promising Conversational Platform Providers 2019 to spotlight the businesses making significant contributions within the business . Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these platform providers are set to rework the business landscape. We present to you CIOReview, “20 Most Promising Conversational Platform Providers — 2019.”

Top Conversational Platform


ApexChat has been providing live chat software and chats agents businesses since 2008 to its clients. The company boasts about its website lead conversion with standard 24/7 coverage on sites and mobile devices. Furthermore, they also offer full English and Spanish language functionality. Today ApexChat agents are chatting on several websites of their customers. The company even provides white-label opportunities for marketing agencies and has a fully functional Facebook Messenger integration. ApexChat also boosts about offering outstanding customer service and offer no long term commitment with pay-for-performance pricing helps today’s businesses arrive at a common point where they can derive maximum benefits of AI by streamlining its collaboration with human knowledge. Ranked among 20 Most Promising Conversational Platform Providers 2019, offers a unique “Crowdchatting” solution that binds AI with human knowledge, enabling firms to bridge their communication with customers through specialized freelance customer service agents. The result: improved customer satisfaction and enhanced business opportunities. The company connects companies with live agents or “Chatters”, with a layer of artificial intelligence between them. offers its solution in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Enhanced process efficiency, real-time sharing of the onsite information with all the stakeholders involved in a project, and improved customer experience are some of the benefits organizations have achieved with the aid of Crowdchatting solution


SnapEngage offers enterprise chat software for sales and support teams. Their clients have started to continuously capture more leads, increase CSAT/NPS, and lower cost per interaction after implementing SnapEngage. The premier chat platform is intelligently designed and adaptable to help the user’s business drive customer engagement. The chatbot is also a powerful solution and flexible that handles complex businesses easily. Moreover, it captures more leads, reduces costs, and skyrocket customer satisfaction. The company’s full-service solutions offer omnichannel experiences, advanced reporting & analytics, robust security & privacy integrations with CRM and Help Desks, implementation, training, client success programs, and many more


Uniphore offers a conversational service automation platform utilizing artificial intelligence, automation, NLU, NLP, NLG, and speech analytics capabilities. The company has developed a conversational AI platform for contact center optimization, featuring auMina, aKeira and amVoice. While auMina listens to and analyzes customer conversations to derive actionable insights and understand the ‘Real Intent’ of callers during contact center interactions, akeira functions as a conversational assistant that enhances the speed, accuracy and quality of conversations needed to resolve customer issues. Further, amVoice, authenticates callers’ voice for biometric validation of user-identity


42Chat creates Mobile AI Chatbots that allow companies to provide instant answers and personalized connection over text. The company is at developing and deploying AI Chatbot technologies to create real and measurable customer value. 42Chat is revolutionizing the attendee experience by providing 24/7 interaction and engagement via SMS, Web Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms. The company builds AI chatbots that builds quality relationships with customers. Their bots deliver 95%+ accuracy, resulting in integrated support. They provide customized responses through personalized messages based on the user’s identity


Acquire is one of the communication platforms to innovate beyond traditional text chat widgets and connect customers and companies through their multi-channel/AI chat messenger. The chatbot is used by sales, support & customer support teams in leading global brands across the entire customer journey from engagement, acquiring, retention, and support. It is not good news for the businesses if a customer goes through a poor customer support experience. When a company wants to attract customers and also help their existing users, they have to have a top-notch customer care service, and Acquire helps them to achieve that


Aivo, founded in 2012, develops customer support software solutions with artificial intelligence technologies that transform the way companies and customers interact. Aivo has transformed the customer experience by offering innovative AI conversational software technologies that provide real-time solutions. Aivo’s AI-powered technology makes it simpler to automate and enhance the company’s support operations in a way that boosts internal efficiency while saving money. They help companies solve customers’ needs in the shortest amount of time possible, with empathy, and with the same experience on any channel. Aivo has a broad customer base that includes Sony, AIG, Visa, GM, LG, Movistar, América Movil, among others


Chatbox is an enterprise messaging platform that businesses use to create and automate personalized, bi-directional conversations across SMS texting, chat, and social messaging channel. Known for its flexibility and extensibility, the platform connects an enterprise’s existing data and systems with the latest messaging technologies to meet evolving consumer demands. Chatbox Instant Apps smoothes the progress of the dynamic exchange of rich, structured data within messaging streams while syncing in real-time to CRM and back-end data sources. Founded in 2014, the headquarter of Chatbox is in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle


Conversocial focuses on helping brands deliver customer service over messaging channels while improving brand efficiency and customer happiness. It powers millions of conversations between brands and their customers and is more than just a customer service platform built for messaging channels. It delivers the know-how, and best-in-class technology, to empower contact center to embrace customer service on messaging channels fully. Combining the unique nature of messaging and adaptive automation, Conversocial enables brands to deliver conversational customer experiences that delight consumers and transforms customer service


Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel engagement powering a broad range of messaging channels, tools, and solutions for advanced customer engagement, authentication, and security. The company assists its clients and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications, grow their business, and enhance the customer experience in a fast, secure, and reliable way. For the company, quality engineering is its backbone. Infobip creates seamless mobile interactions between businesses and people and is committed to its mission of creating robust solutions that work. To build better customer solutions on the edge of innovation, the company hire, grow, and retain the best engineering talent from all over the world


Founded in 2016, Insurmi uses a conversational approach to delivering digital experiences for a wide variety of carrier use-cases. Besides, enabling carriers in deploying customizable interfaces for their brand, Insurmi provides an intuitive backend dashboard for insurance carriers to manage their solutions. Chat Tracker, the dashboard has powerful out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise solutions like Salesforce, to deliver efficiencies through end-to-end automation of customer interaction throughout the entire insurance customer journey. Insurmi’s flexible architecture allows insurance carriers worldwide to power digital customer engagement and to deliver amazing user experiences to their customer base


The LiveEngage platform facilitates capabilities that create an end-to-end experience or as Spinelli calls it, “the fabric of conversational commerce.” The connection can work according to the customer’s preference of device, operating system, or integration platform. LiveEngage has APIs that enable connectivity to consumer apps on the front-end, at the same time, it also hosts a framework for integrating and connecting to enterprise systems on the backend. “The conversation is only as good as what is accomplished through it. And to accomplish this, we enable clients to connect to CRM, scheduling systems, and product catalogs by pre-building all those fabrics,” says Spinelli. “This accounts for a highly flexible and configurable conversational experience for brands to interact with their consumers”


Mindsay creates user-friendly conversational AI solutions that allow companies to provide their customers with unparalleled customer experience. Conversational AI will enable organizations to provide instant, personalized customer care at scale. The company helps businesses around the world improve their customer experience and manage costs with AI-powered conversations. Their conversational AI platform allows companies to provide one-to-one customer care at scale by improving CX while reducing costs and increasing revenues from ancillary services. Their industry-specific chatbot is pre-trained to analyze 100,000s of conversations to address the most common customer questions


Omilia delivers conversational customer care through its conversational AI Self-Service solution that includes everything an enterprise needs to address their omnichannel CX strategy, with impressive cost-savings and improved CX across voice and digital channels. Omilia’s technology allows the enterprise to take advantage of Open-Question customer care with end-to-end Self-Service to greatly enhance customer experience and significantly decrease operational costs. Their solution provides a seamless human-like conversational experience for self-service across all channels. It facilitates immediate transactions, with smooth and effective self-services in the Call Center through the IVR, on websites, and in mobile apps


Orbita provides conversational AI technologies and services for healthcare organizations to create a secure, enterprise-grade voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants. Orbita’s HIPAA-compliant platform powers solutions that increase operational efficiencies and improve consumer, patient, and member experiences to enhance remote patient monitoring, population health, customer service, member wellness, clinical trials, and more. Orbita Voice is the first complete experience management solution optimized for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants and bot platforms. It allows to create and manage voice assistant applications as easily as maintaining Web sites. With Orbita Voice, businesses can maximize scalability, security, and performance of voice skills with the enterprise-grade cloud platform


Pez.AI builds people-centric chatbots that eliminate inefficiencies and create positive user experiences for their employees and their customers. Their intuitive authoring platform enables anyone to develop bots without writing a single line of code quickly. The company’s chatbots help their clients reclaim lost time by doing the legwork of chasing down who has answers and following up with colleagues to get the information they need to make decisions and complete projects. Pez.AI Expert answers questions from their customers or employees. It does the legwork of finding the right person to answer a question and remembers not just the answer but who to ask in the future for each type of issue


Rasa is the standard infrastructure layer for developers to build, improve, and deploy better AI assistants and is powered by open source. Rasa X is a free toolset to develop, improve, and deploy contextual assistants across channels and languages. Rasa’s advanced dialogue management is based on machine learning and allows for smarter conversations. It will enable customers to manage their insurances any time they want with a 24/7 conversational assistant. The company serves healthcare, insurance, banking, telecom, and more. Rasa seamlessly integrates with company’s existing systems, like your CRM. Besides, it gives maximum data privacy and security

Speech Morphing

A customized voice can bring a company’s brand to life. It’s the personality and tone of the business. Too often, the result is a flat, impersonal voice that tends to alienate and frustrate customers. Speechmorphing creates personable, expressive sounds for more natural conversations. A dynamic, situational voice that is being built with emotional intelligence and is responsive to customers, their moods, and requests. The company’s speech synthesis is quick, easy to use, and scalable, while significantly lowering costs. From interactive marketing and customer care to conversational bots and IoT, innovations in speech synthesis are changing the way people interact with technologies and companies. Speechmorphing gives developers more options to design branded, personable, emotionally-intelligent voices


Wysdom.AI is one of the easiest ways for businesses around the world to offer conversational AI that works. Built on nearly a decade of research and patented technological innovation, Wysdom changes the way conversational AI learns from users and gets better every day. The company offers the only comprehensive conversational AI service, with cutting-edge AI management tools, tech, a massive library of AI training data, and an AI training practice to ensure the solution of their client performs well. Established in 2012, they are trusted by leading brands and have enterprise deployments in North America, Latin America, and Europe


Zendesk’s powerful and flexible customer service and engagement platform scales to meet the needs of any business, from startups and small businesses to growth companies and enterprises. Zendesk with powerful features and functions help any business improve their support operations. It makes better experiences for agents, admins, and customers. The company’s omnichannel support offers everything required for frictionless customer experience. Their products work together to improve agent efficiency and help customer conversations flow seamlessly across channels. With Zendesk, organizations can get industry benchmark data, customer intelligence, and better context for every interaction

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