Top Cloud Technology Solution Companies

Among the technologies that have altered the face of businesses forever, cloud computing requires a special mention. Reports from Gartner suggest that 80 percent of firms will stop using their traditional data centers by 2025, and the cloud will continue making headways in the enterprise space. The use of this technology has been widely accepted, owing to its ability to host large quantities of data without compromising on information security.

The vast quantities of data from different organizations stored on the cloud have been effectively managed and regulated using Artificial Intelligence. AI is being used to process big data to glean business intelligence and insights on the functioning of an organization. Similarly, the systemic approach of edge computing executes data processing at the edge of networks to streamline cloud computing. Edge computing, which is a direct result of the increasing use of IoT devices, is crucial in the running of real-time services as it can streamline the traffic flow from IoT devices and offer data analytics and analyze the information gathered immediately. With the use of such technologies in the cloud, the cost of maintaining organizational data and their records reduces drastically.

Customer data on the cloud has been further optimized by using automation, which has the added advantage of improving organizational productivity. Tedious tasks have been surrendered to machines for effective execution, which reduces the chances of human error while ensuring their spontaneous completion. This allows the organizational staff to focus on other pressing concerns.

Even as cloud security has been taken for granted in the past, organizations storing sensitive data remain on tenterhooks regarding the safety of the information. While data breaches, faulty authentication methods, compromised credentials, and hacked interfaces and APIs regularly come to light, trusting a third party with proprietary rights and sensitive information becomes difficult. However, cloud solution providers have negated such fears with their efficient security measures. Cloud security has been beefed up with diligent password monitoring systems, coupled with multi-factor authentication and frequently regulated access rights to ensure that only the right people can utilize vital data. Vulnerability management is on the rise, as the cloud infrastructure serves as the first line of defense. Alongside access management, cloud solution providers are also gearing up to manage threats in time, while handling compliance requirements.

According to the Spiceworks 2019 State of IT Report, 15 percent of the cloud budget is allocated to backup and disaster recovery solutions — the percentage hints at the shared responsibility model faced by public cloud providers. At the same time, it ensures that organizations using the cloud platform to host their data are assured of the security of their sensitive information, even in case of emergencies.

As the number of cloud solution providers braving the competition to provide better solutions to business organizations has filled to the brim, choosing an appropriate provider becomes a cumbersome, yet magnanimous task for CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs. The editorial team at CIO Review, with the support and guidance from the cloud technology veterans and industry analysts, has selected a list of cloud solution providers that streamline business processes and define the path to success.

Top Cloud Technology Solution Companies


CloudCheckr is a comprehensive cloud management solution, helping businesses manage and automate cost as well as security for their public cloud environments. CloudCheckr unifies IT, security, and finance teams around the cloud to provide total visibility, deep insight, cloud automation, and governance. The company is an AWS advanced technology partner with security and government competencies, as well as a certified Silver Partner with Azure, to support multi- or hybrid-cloud strategies. The CloudCheckr platform transforms data from public cloud services into actionable insights by reporting, alerting, analyzing, and automating the environment for optimal utilization and costs while assuring a safe environment


Cloudonix offers a top-notch, high-quality mobile VoIP solution powered by state-of-the-art technology, aimed at boosting customer retention, ensuring privacy, reducing costs and increasing revenues. Cloudonix’s un-carrier cloud platform offers the elasticity and scalability of the cloud coupled with the reliability of telecom. Having created a new category of cloud infrastructure for communications, the company brings in communication infrastructure as a service, a perfect blend of cloud and telecom services, to fill the void of cloud functionality. Cloudonix’s un-carrier cloud platform offers the elasticity and scalability of the cloud coupled with the reliability of telecom

CoSo Cloud

CoSo Cloud provides private cloud managed services to businesses and government agencies that need the highest reliability and security for their high-consequence virtual training and web conferencing through platforms. The company operates as a premier managed services provider for Adobe Connect, offering technical consultation, custom integrations, implementation, and other services, such as training and adoption. It customizes the cloud-based virtual classroom to fit training and conferencing needs, supports existing eLearning tools, provides custom integration services, and expert managed services. CoSo Cloud offers stimulating user experiences, custom integration or deployment options on CoSo’s private cloud platform, on-premises or hybrid implementations, and server monitoring services


GhangorCloud offers fourth-generation cybersecurity, information security, and data leak prevention solutions. The company’s cloud platform follows a holistic approach to information security along with compliance reporting and provides real-time reports on data leaks and infiltrations. GhangorCloud also leverages the power of deep AI in its platform to provide an elevated advantage to cyber defenders against the cyber criminals. Tackling the cybersecurity issues proactively, GhangorCloud has gained significant traction among customers as the firm that offers fourth- generation information security and data leak prevention landscape


An IT solution provider that offers a full-service cloud solution, capable of providing a client’s complete environment including Backup and DR, custom-tailored to each customer. While self-service clouds such as AWS and Google Cloud maximize the usage of their resources — be it networking, memory or storage — KIS adopts a “bubble wrap approach” by taking a certain set of resources as requested by the clients, before churning out an exclusive cloud experience for each customer. From a service standpoint, KIS provides implementations, mission-critical emergency repairs, and support services to its clients at their premises while helping them move to the cloud


NuoDB is a distributed SQL database company that helps enterprise organizations solve the database challenges they face when moving enterprise-grade workloads to the cloud. The company is committed to improving the bottom-line of its customers by allowing them to adjust database size and performance on demand — across data centers or clouds — without sacrificing data integrity, transactional consistency, or the standards-based SQL interface developers already know. By providing the flexibility to run in the public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise, NuoDB enables digitally advanced organizations to achieve state-of-the-art cloud architecture, which keeps them a step ahead of their competitors

Nutanix XI Frame

Nutanix Xi Frame, a California-based cloud solution provider, offers a multi-cloud desktop virtualization service with enhanced UX, one-click simplicity, and the freedom of running any software in a browser. What makes Nutanix Xi Frame unique is its ability to provide desktop as a service (DaaS) with a control plane that runs in the cloud just like any other modern SaaS application. With a hybrid approach to DaaS, Nutanix Xi Frame allows organizations to run desktops and workloads on the Nutanix cluster as well as in the public cloud — Azure, AWS, or GCP

Peniel Solutions

Founded in 2000, PSL is a leading small business solution government contractor (GovCon) provider of digital transformation services, DevSecOps, supported by the full range of cloud services exclusively for the United States government. PSL offers its customers a full range of cloud solutions that leverage both Amazon’s GovCloud and commercial web services through every level of engagement. PSL’s executives are specialists at helping federal agencies frame and align their business challenges to specific acquisition strategies that capitalize on proven digital solutions. The company embraces the playbook lessons learned with their own unique experiences gained from their nineteen-year (19) history delivering technology solutions for the federal government. PSL delivers thoughtful solutions that are both functional and accessible

RiverMeadow Software

RiverMeadow provides SaaS software which is built for migrating large, complex workloads cross hypervisors into and between Cloud environments. The software facilitates a fast, secure, automated Cloud on-boarding solution that leverages APIs to mirror current server environments and move them into public, private or hybrid Clouds without interrupting current workload function and performance of the client. The automation enables cloud migration to multiple servers and large workloads to be effectively migrated at the same time, saving time and costs associated with migrations. The company’s SaaS solution is deployed by leading cloud infrastructure and service brands such as Cisco, VMWare, Hewlett Packard and Ericsson

Shamrock Consulting Group

Shamrock Consulting Group has emerged as an industry-leading cloud solutions consultancy for the three major public cloud providers — AWS, Azure, Google — and is in the final stages of developing a platform that will revolutionize the way cloud services are shared and sold. Shamrock’s new proprietary offering will provide IT and finance teams with complete financial insight into cloud operations costs. The platform will provide feedback based on various criteria such as uptime SLA, microservices, storage, and, most importantly, exact costs associated with cloud computing

T-Rex Solutions LLC

T-Rex Solutions, the coming together of talented IT professionals and subject matter experts, is a dominant force in government IT modernization. The company specializes in systems integration and development, cloud adoption and infrastructure optimization, cybersecurity, data engineering and analytics, and mission-critical services. The company implements IT modernization projects with critical cyber data protection requirements, aggressive schedules, and complex size and scale. The team has developed expertise in systems integration and engineering, business and systems assessment, architecture, design, implementation, performance engineering, Level 1, 2, 3 call center support, and implementation of operation centers for security and network, including cutting-edge cyber-defense capabilities and data analytics. Very few companies can deliver so many solutions on a single program


Tekscape is an industry leader in advanced technology services, focusing on a results-oriented, business-minded approach to incorporating client’s technology solutions and management needs. Rising above the competition, the engineers at Tekscape have a unique ability to map business processes and technology in order to maximize a customer’s return on an IT investment. The company’s expert engineers provide high-level network integration, voice over IP solutions, server, data center and cloud architecture. Tekscape designs, implements, and supports a client’s technology based on their objectives so that they can reduce operating expenses, increase employee productivity, and focus on the core business

2nd Watch

2nd Watch is a client’s partner in world-class cloud-native services which enhances the customer experiences with a mixture of technology and innovation. Being born in the cloud, the firm has maintained equilibrium in both agility and security. The major services they provide are strategic consulting, technology deployments, workload design, and management. Global brands for its thought leadership have appointed 2nd Watch through hardened and trusted customer-centric insights for people, processes, and technology. The firm is hyper-focused on five solution areas — Mass Migration, Cloud-Native Agile Applications, Mission-Critical Applications, Automation, and DevOps Modernization


A seasoned leadership led company; Actian considers the management of client’s data a passion. With the deployment of state-of-art data technology accompanied by trusted service commitment is the company’s vision. Actian believes in the guaranteed provision of business critical systems, which transact and integrate on-premise, in the cloud or both. Equipped with the dexterity of some of the industry’s brightest minds, Actian has formulated the ultimate hybrid data solutions to enable DX in global scale, the company’s services span from data management, analytics, integration and installation of hybrid data for enterprises in financial services, retail, telecommunications, media, healthcare, and manufacturing

AMC Technology

AMC’s Da Vinci is a full spectrum solution for cloud technology. The company provides a flexible cloud platform support that is future proof for both on-premise and cloud. AMC supercharges the businesses’ existing infrastructure with additional updates and a holistic CRM to leverage insightful data from the services. The platform has been rigorously tested over the years by superior minds in the industry and is subjected to fluidic improvements constantly. Assisting businesses to ensure smooth migration and customizations to support critical systems are AMC’s forte’


At Anitian, they believe security is a force for good. Anitian is on a mission to make security and compliance easy. They fulfill their mission with a complete suite of security solutions and services. Their flagship Sherlock Platform dramatically reduces the complexity, cost, and confusion of security and compliance in the cloud. As the oldest information security firm, Anitian serves thousands of companies and leaders with security and compliance solutions and is honored to help some of the most recognized brand names in the world

Aqua Security Software

Aqua Security provides scalable security for the complete development-to-deployment lifecycle of containerized applications. They enable companies to use containers for their many benefits without compromising their application and data security. The organization helps clients create applications that are secure by design, enabling agile DevOps and hybrid cloud deployment with no compromise on security or compliance. Aqua’s Container Security Platform provides full visibility into containers activity, allowing organizations to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks, providing transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance

Aryaka Networks

Aryaka’s global SD-WAN provides optimized, software-defined network connectivity and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises. Unlike legacy network technology, such as MPLS, that takes months to deploy, Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN can be deployed within days. It is delivered as a service, so IT organizations can consume global networking services the way they would consume SaaS applications like Salesforce and infrastructure-as-service like AWS and Azure. Aryaka’s services have over 10 million users across 7,000+ sites. Leading brands such as Skullcandy, Cigna, and ThoughtWorks, as well as partners such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Intelisys, and SK Broadband, have all chosen Aryaka for their enterprise-grade networking needs


As a leading cloud software company, Blackbaud powers social good. Leading uniquely at the intersection point of technology and social good, they provide cloud software, services, expertise, and data intelligence that empower and connect people to drive impact for social good. They serve the entire social good community, which includes nonprofits, foundations, corporations, healthcare institutions, and the individual change agents who support them. Blackbaud enables effectiveness and amplifies impact across the ecosystem of good powered by our solutions and beyond. Their goal is to completely transform what is possible for the entire social good community


As the market leader for healthcare cloud computing and information security provider, ClearDATA was designed from the ground up to serve the mission-critical system needs and regulatory requirements of healthcare organizations. Their founders drew upon their experiences, as well as that of the top engineers, systems architects, and visionaries from the healthcare IT and cloud computing industries, to create the most robust, secure, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant cloud computing solution in the industry. The company solutions enable their customers to fully automate, protect, and securely manage healthcare applications, data, and IT infrastructure in the cloud

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