Top Chemical Tech Companies

List of Top Chemical Tech Companies

11 min readMar 9, 2020

The world is witnessing an increase within the popularity of innovative and powerful materials, ushered in by the technology trends within the chemicals industry. But to be central players during this story, today’s incumbent players within the chemicals industry require vital prerequisites, which include restructuring of their product portfolios, rewriting business models to get higher returns on their investment in innovation, and successful exploitation of digital technologies. As a result, toward the top of 2018, professionals within the industry began to put great emphasis on three specific trends: accelerated globalization, a circular economy, and digitalization. Each of those movements now intends to drive the widespread availability of chemical resources, an improved management of scarce raw materials, and a replacement digital frontier in chemical technology.
With the meteoric rise within the adoption of recent day innovation, organizations participating within the industry are witnessing many dollars moving toward digital investments. Digitalization’s promise of higher revenue generation, waste management, supply chain and logistics, data management, big data, and security has gripped private and public enterprises firmly. Moreover, to sell to today’s tech savvy consumer base effectively, chemical organizations are further encouraged to implement business models that incorporate the newest IoT, cloud-based, and AI technologies into their workflows so as to remain relevant within the marketplace.
To this end, chemical technology solution providers have emerged to efficiently support and drive chemical organizations forward while augmenting their digital infrastructure and IT posture. Be it workplace functionality, backend data analytics or compliance issues, solution providers come prepared with years of material experience to combat the challenges of the industry . Upon further inspection, chemical organizations can also find that employing chemical technology solution providers can help develop best-in-class innovations in medical devices, engineering , aerospace research, and petroleum engineering.
Alongside, the chemicals industry is increasingly migrating to cloud computing and receiving substantial financial benefits. While some executives are still battling its risks, possibilities, and therefore the cost of writing off current IT investments, for several companies, the transition to a hybrid cloud environment is already underway. Experts believe that those that move early to embrace this future will position themselves to be tomorrow’s high-performance businesses.
This massive wave of digital innovation shows no sign of cresting within the near future. Therefore, it’s become critical for CIOs to settle on proper technology and choose best vendors that are at the forefront of efficiently tackling the challenges across the chemical tech realm. to assist CIOs negotiate this now burgeoning landscape, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts along side CIOReview’s editorial board have reviewed the foremost promising chemical tech solution providers and shortlisted those spearheading the charge towards fulfilling the urgent demands of the industry. The listing offers a glance at how these solutions are put to use, thereby enabling business leaders to realize a comprehensive knowledge on how they will strategize growth.

Top Chemical Technology Companies


Enviance, is a leader in providing cloud-based environmental, health, and safety software. The Company offers environmental compliance and data management solutions, including air emissions and chemical management. Enviance leverages cloud computing technology to deliver its platform online in real-time — anywhere, anytime and enterprise-wide. The company’s solutions enable organizations to better measure, manage and report mission-critical EH&S data. In addition, based in Carlsbad, California the firm also provides professional, training, and support services to some of the world’s leading corporations and governments customers worldwide

LAR Process Analysers AG

LAR Process Analysers AG is one of the most advanced manufacturers of water analyzers. Its products are used for the measurement of a variety of parameters like TOC, TP, TNb, TOD, COD, BOD and toxicity. LAR’s analyzers find applications in many industries, in water treatment plants and environmental monitoring. Among all, it finds usage in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and refining, manufacturing, and life science industries. LAR’s effective process control and measurement technologies, and ways to optimizing water usage and determine product find relevance in all the sectors


Operating as one of the world’s leading businesses in the field of dosing and compressor technology, the sera corporate group has been developing and producing application solutions that focus on precisely dosing, conveying and compressing liquids and gases for more than 70 years. As an independent family business, the company has subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, South Africa and Spain as well as more than 30 strong partners that represent sera in over 80 countries

6C Solutions

‘Bringing silicon valley technology into the chemical industry’ is what the tagline of 6C Solutions says. The company works in the analytics space to offer solutions and consultancy to the chemical industries. Intelli-Plant, which is an analytics platform, consists of tools and applications that are helpful for developers and engineers in developing chemical industries. 6C’s consulting solutions offer expert consulting services concerning data analytics in the chemical industry plants. The platform provided by the company and the available resources also helps its clients build applications and maintain tools to drive efficiency in the industry


Alchemy is a cloud software company that assists chemical companies to modernize their processes and workflows, enabling better efficiency and growth. It offers configurable lab management solutions that provide its customers with a chance to digitize lab processes and add value to lab-work through real-time visibility. The products on their portfolio include Customizable Lab Notebook, Integrates Digital Lab, Integrated Analytics, Project Management, ISO Compliance and other such solutions. These products are of high relevance to chemical-based industries. Alchemy’s role in new product development, research, lab management and technical services are vital


ARI-Armaturen is a company offering a host of technological solutions and products to a range of industries dealing in liquid and gaseous media. With an experience of more than 60 years, the company h as created a reputation for its offerings in the chemical industry as well. ARI-Armaturen’s advanced technologies and services enable the chemical industry to run processes efficiently and successfully. Services concerning control, isolation, safety and steam trapping find takers in the polymer, petrochemical, inorganic chemicals, detergent, pharmaceutical and organic products industries. ARI-Armaturen assists its clients in managing energy bills better

Chromatic Indutries

Chromatic Industries is a valve technology expert. The company engineers and manufactures speciality valves that provide high performance. The valve technologies find use industries like gas processing, power and petrochemicals. The chemical industry handles numerous corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Chromatic provides valves specifically engineered keeping in mind the chemical industry’s needs. A unique top-entry valve that is convenient to operate and easy to maintain is valuable to the chemical industry. The materials used in the products are thoroughly evaluated, keeping in mind its application

Datacor, Inc.

Datacor, Inc. offers business management software solutions for the industries in the manufacturing and distribution sector. Specializing in Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)N and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, the company creates value for client organizations. With comprehensive in-house expertise, Datacor’s Chempax and eChempax solutions are widely used and recommended. Its ERP and CRM software solutions for chemical distributors and chemical manufacturers are highly effective. Core features of the software solutions include CRM, procurement, financial management, inventory management, regulatory compliance and manufacturing controls. Tracking, costing, shipping and every other aspect is handled efficiently

GadflyZone, Inc.

GadflyZone, Inc. is an information technology service provider that partners with chemical companies. The company ensures that customers in the chemicals and plastics industry find winning growth strategies in markets, products, and applications using data sciences. Gadfly’s main aim is to drive industrial marketing rightfully by expertise and insights empowered by a data-driven approach. Plastics and Chemicals business can lead to this transformation of industrial marketing to the modern age. Data-driven segmentation is an ideal beginning point for the conversion. GadflyZone partners with chemical companies to enable this transformation


Gensuite is a frontline cloud-based EHS software solution provider. With a mission of delivering sustainability to organizations from diverse backgrounds, it has developed a configurable range of products that align with the challenges faced in industries. It empowers client companies to add value to safety programs and minimize risks and impact. The major offerings of the company include quality management systems, security management systems, and equipment asset management systems. Gensuite’s Gensuite Chemical Inventory Management software offers the chemical industry convenient hazard monitoring through chemical labelling process, regulatory analysis, reporting and Safety Data Sheet maintenance

Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.

HunterLab is a leading company in the color measurement industry. It manufactures spectrophotometers that measure color with high levels of accuracy and assigns it numerical values to correlate it to the way human eyes perceive a particular shade. The chemical industry which makes a variety of products ranging from polymers to plastics, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals use HunterLab’s instruments and solutions which are convenient and economical. Detergent color measurement, liquid detergent performance measurement, liquid color measurement and powder color measurements are integral to the chemical industry


IPCOS is a top service provider in Digital Oilfield and Advanced Process Control Solutions. The company has been able to build an international reputation for its range of solutions. With a mission to provide optimization and improve plant operations, it offers APC Technology-Independent Services, PID Consultancy & Alarm Management and training. The consultancy provides strategies, tools and architecture that helps companies deliver better. The designing solutions involve tools for prototyping, developments and visualization. Implementation solutions with integration, training and deployment measures and maintenance services for support are crucial


With a tremendous experience of more than 100 years and a portfolio of solutions and services spanning diverse processes, KBR is a leading company. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, the company provides services to governments and industry clients. Services and solutions concerning chemical industry form an essential part of the KBR’s offering and it includes extensive technological facilities for integrated upstream and downstream solutions, gas monetization, petrochemicals, fertilizers, refining and inorganics. The company carries out licensing work as well. With the services provided by KBR, its clients can be assured of excellence and innovation

Optima Machinery Corporation

Excellent packaging solution and technology is what Optima Machinery Corporation provides. Specialized services and cutting-edge technologies make Optima a valuable player. It helps its clients design packaging machines, filling machines and production lines for products from industries like pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and life sciences. The highly customized and superior technologies for each of the fields find a relevant application. The packaging solutions that Optima provides for consumer goods and dry as well as liquid chemicals are of simple design and high standards. For the pharmaceutical industry, the application involves sterile fillings, diagnostics, freeze-drying systems and many others


ScitoVation is a company with proven excellence in determining and developing chemical compound safety and related solutions and services. With a science-backed approach and the best use of advanced technologies, the company partners with its client organizations and provides them with delivering their products faster. A host of industries including the pharmaceutical, the food processing, the agricultural chemicals and the commodity chemical industries benefit from ScitoVation’s offerings. A combination of scientific methods is clubbed to give chemical manufacturers tools that assess the safety of molecules, evaluate chemical products and predict downstream liabilities

SIELC Technologies

SIELC is a company specializing in innovative products for liquid chromatography. With excellent research and development facilities, the company has been able to create a catalogue of technologies and products that deliver value to industry clients. Apart from providing mixed-mode HPLC column, OEM parts for portable LC systems, HPLC and UPLC Fittings, Reverse phase HPLC columns, HILIC columns and many other such specialities, the company offers chemical analysis services and analytical instruments for testing. With free method development tools, client companies can develop applications by themselves


SIS-TECH SOLUTIONS is a leading provider of engineering and consulting services for assessment, design, testing and maintenance of safety controls, alarms and interlocks. High expertise in the application of safety instrumented systems, loss prevention, automation of chemical processes and integration of systems makes the company a market leader. Experience in industries, including the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical, among others, has lent a lot of reputation to the company. The applications from SIS-TECH provide hardware as well as software products. The most popular products from the company are the Diamond-SIS®, SIL Solver® and the ICE Tablet™.

Sunland Logistics

Sunland Logistics Solutions is a company delivering specialized warehousing facilities and value-added services to a range of sectors. The chemical industry requires storage facilities that are specifically designed to cater to the industries’ processes, which often include harmful or abrasive entities. Sunland Logistics Solutions provides excellent and experienced services that assist organizations in maintaining and monitoring storage capabilities. The company also keeps a tab on evolving regulations and ensures compliance. The value-added service, which involves transportation and tracking, is also utilized by the chemical industry to have real-time visibility


ViridisChem is a company working with a mission to manage toxicity better with its expansive database, intelligent tools and smart products. Waste generated during manufacturing, are at the bottom of the toxicity challenge that ViridisChem wants to address. The company offers software solutions on a subscription basis. These solutions give insights that help in alleviating toxicity. The chemical analyzer is a ready-to-use product from the company. It provides real-time toxicity predictions, toxicological information of every chemical and the impact that the chemical might have on the environment and health

Wanner Engineering, inc.

With long-standing experience in designing, assembling, and producing industrial pumps, Wnner Engineering, inc. is a market leader. Its technologically advanced pumps feature sealless pumping chamber, hydraulically-balanced diaphragm design and enable processing a vast array of fluids through a wide range of pressures and flows and find applications in the chemical industry. The pumps are low maintenance and reliable and are used in many areas. These Hydra-Cell® sealless pumps don’t require dampeners, handle solids up to 500 microns and operate smoothly at any pressure in the range of 1 to 170 bar

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